4 Aerial Shots of Iceland that will make you want to go… now

The Great Geyser

This image was taken over the top of the boiling water of the great geyser- but there was little chance of the drone getting wet, as this hasn’t erupted since 1935!

It was amazing to see the bright blue eye of the geyser which we couldn’t see standing behind the roped off barrier on the ground.

Skogafloss Waterfall

You really can’t appreciate the beauty of Skogafloss waterfall until you are standing at the bottom of it looking up. Or like this image looking down the waterfall from above.

The Moss Covered Lava Fields

Once again I don’t think that photo does this place justice. The green of the moss is so bright and it just seems endless when you are standing amongst it. This photo was taken at around 10am and the sun was just rising not ideal for getting the best photos but perfect for not seeing anyone else.


The amazing glaciers of Iceland are an unmissable sight. It is quite hard to illustrate how large this glacier really was especially from this image with no humans in to justify the scale of the glacier.


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